Professional Manufacturer of Titanium Alloy & Tungsten Alloy


In the past decade, Ronghao Ti is committed to building Increasingly perfect manufacturing and processing system of titanium strips and foils, and R&D for alloys of titanium and tungsten. Besides, we can provide products including sheets, sections, bars, pipes, rings, wires and milling products. 


Titanium alloy products

High strength and good performance titanium alloy include plates, sheets, bars, tubing, extrusions, forgings & wires. 

Titanium foils and strips

High precision foils with a minimum thickness of 0.008mm and available in different widths.

Tungsten alloy products

High-quality tungsten heavy metal alloys. We provide alloy in rods, bars, plates, and sheets forms as well as custom parts.

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Products Overview

Shapes and Materials

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