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company news about Development and prospect of titanium and titanium alloy market

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Development and prospect of titanium and titanium alloy market
Latest company news about Development and prospect of titanium and titanium alloy market

The application of titanium alloy materials in the civil market is still in the early stage, and many colleagues of civil titanium products are suffering from high raw material cost, difficult processing technology, difficulty in realizing mass quantitative production, and unanticipated feedback from the market.Too often, good intentions are exchanged for harsh realities.At this point, I briefly discuss the author's personal views.

Looking back at the history, each new material, in the initial stage of market application, will have some common characteristics, the development process has a similarity.

Aluminium, restored in the early 19th century, was comparable in price to gold in its earliest laboratory stages.With the application and promotion of aluminum alloy in the industrial and civil market for several decades, the use, production scale and production technology of various aluminum alloy materials are becoming more and more mature, and the cost of raw materials and products is greatly reduced.Two hundred years later, a large number of scientists are still developing new aluminum-based alloys for wider applications.

Many of my colleagues saw the broad prospect of the market application of titanium and titanium alloy materials, committed to the research and development of civilian products, but also made a lot of achievements.

At the same time also see, titanium and titanium alloy of the development and promotion of the market, is a process.Frankly speaking, colleagues and the same as the author, are the pioneer of titanium and titanium alloy market, will encounter new materials, new market problems.

Again, aluminum.After decades of process improvement, aluminum alloy can be used in industrial and civil products, aluminum alloy material has the characteristics of light weight, good thermal conductivity, good processing performance.In world war I, soldiers used a lot of cooker is aluminum alloy material, later in the medical community officially recognize the harmfulness of aluminium on the human body, so in the period of world war ii, most of the country's soldiers cookers, gave up the aluminum alloy and stainless steel material, the for this industry segment of course is a big shock.

Our predecessor adopts the aluminum alloy surface to do the coating, insulates the aluminum material and the human body direct contact, avoids the material to endanger the health shortcoming, is still widely used in the household cooking utensils market.

Therefore, the mature market of titanium and titanium alloy will also be a relatively long and tortuous process, in this process, do not rush for quick success, constantly find and solve problems, reduce the shortcomings, highlight the advantages, and finally get mature products and markets.This process must be painful and happy coexistence, need the will of colleagues and adhere to.

Secondly, some experience from the author's work experience, talk about the development of titanium alloy products of the erroneous zone, a product development involved in the problem, far more complex than the product development itself.Product development and marketing, is the need to design and build a complete system, and the product development itself, is just a point in the system.

Many colleagues, have had such experience, because the wrong information, such as listening to the foreign customers put forward some demands made of titanium alloy development product, usually think of the advantages of the titanium alloy products and development of technical problems, spend a lot of time and effort and investment, to make a sample or a small batch to the customer, and then go away, once and again to hit tongren passion for product development.

In fact, new product development and market development, itself is a more complex matter, not to develop the product can get the market.Foreign customers often require Chinese enterprises to carry out research and development because they have no idea or are unable to do enough pre-research and post-marketing preparation for products. In fact, pre-research and post-marketing preparation require far more resources and investment than the sample fee.When customers get samples for marketing, they find that they encounter too many insurmountable difficulties, because the customer's input is very low, often nothing, and let the Chinese colleagues suffer a huge loss of product input.So such product and market development success rate is often very low.

The author himself more than 20 years ago has gotten so much a thing, an American company do football helmet, then we discuss agree that American football is a popular sport in the United States, and the investment of the sport itself is very high, especially to customer steel mask samples, more confident, because of the mask is really heavy.

After the design and calculation, the titanium alloy is used to meet the user's technical requirements on the shape, strength, impact resistance and other aspects of the mask. There is no problem at all, and the weight is only about half that of steel, which is easier to improve the performance of athletes.We all agree that this is a very promising product.

So, put in the product research and development of this kind of mask, determine the process flow, customized raw materials, production mold tooling, persuade raw materials manufacturers also make the input for raw material, spent a lot of money and time and energy, produced in the mask samples tested, confirmed in accordance with customer requirements and delivery, after the project is no audio.

More than 10 years ago, I happened to talk to a football coach in the United States about this and got some of their opinions.First, the weight of the mask is reduced, the center of gravity of the helmet is changed, and the support of the helmet manufacturer is required to design and produce appropriate helmets.Second, even with lightweight helmet masks, will the use of this new product involve the rules of the game?Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with the rugby association and obtain the permission of the association's game application through the inspection of relevant departments.Again, you need to get some support from big, high school teams, and you can get better results with these new helmet masks.In this way, the product is ready for marketing.

The author has done some reflection on this matter, and it must be a very good idea to use titanium alloy for American football mask. It was and still is.However, this product requires resources and a large investment, helmet cooperation, communication with the sports association, testing, cooperation with the team and marketing, then the probability of success of this titanium alloy mask will be greatly increased.It can also be seen that in the development and marketing system of this product, in fact, the research and development of titanium alloy mask only accounted for a small part.

However, this client is an industrial product enterprise, and does not have the resources of the sports industry. The previous and later work that must be done is beyond his capacity. Therefore, such a result is highly likely.

To avoid the blindness of product development, not only to see the production and manufacturing technical conditions of a product, but also to deeply understand the characteristics of market segments, to choose the right partner, to do a good job in the early and late work and preparation, our product development success rate will be greatly improved.

Finally, the author would like to talk about the future development and prospects of titanium and titanium alloy products, I believe that colleagues and the author are full of confidence in the future of titanium and titanium alloy products.

Promote innovation and avoid simple imitation.At present, there are many fields such as handicrafts, bicycles, outdoor equipment, household POTS and pans, thermos cups, watches, jewelry, knives and so on in titanium civilian products, and the Chinese manufacturing of our colleagues is the world leader.I believe that the leaders of these industries, with perseverance and resilience, will be famous enterprises and brands in the future, even global brands.

The author and do civilian titanium pot enterprise manager exchange, very admire their tenacity.Colleagues are probably aware of some of the problems with the original pure titanium and titanium composite POTS, and know that they have repeatedly tried to solve these problems in various ways and have made significant progress.I believe that with their resilience, they will become the pioneers and leaders of household utensils in the future.

A colleague, has been doing titanium alloy bicycle frame for more than 20 years, has become the world famous titanium bicycle enterprises.The author is opposed to imitation, bicycle is a big industry, why in this industry must do the frame?In addition to the frame, there are many products that can be developed with titanium alloys, such as bicycle kettle frames, kettles, tailor-made components, new products for riders, and so on.

The reason against imitation is also very simple, imitation can do not need to do a lot of preliminary research, do not need to do a lot of market planning, even do not do product design, see which colleague which product sells well to copy.In fact, this is not very cost-effective, others sell well, the early design, mold, process and other costs have been amortized out, and you need to invest all at once;Others sell well, the production of a batch of tens of thousands of products, you may produce hundreds of thousands of inventory pressure, raw materials, production costs, financial costs are much higher;Others have mass production, and the production process is perfect, you also need to explore to reduce the defective rate;Other people's industry awareness makes sales smooth, and you need to find ways to grab a bit of market share.So while others are making a normal profit, you may still be struggling.In order to obtain the market, we need to reduce the cost from various aspects and compress the profit. Even if we get a part of the market, we are likely to get a reputation of cheap products.Unfortunately, there are still many such cases.

Here, I suggest that the market for innovative products is well-planned and resilient. For example, I have discussed with industry colleagues the development of children's titanium meal boxes. Of course, the health of titanium will trigger the market.I suggest this colleague more perfect product plan, if the target market is the United States, so must go to a large scope to understand the American children's meal, take a meal habit, what do these children eat at school at noon?How much of the proportion is to eat the school lunch, how much of the proportion is to bring their own food, what kind of food will generally take, what kind of children's meal package?Can the designed meal box be conveniently put into the meal bag?How to get the safety of children's food box tested by the authority?How to enter the market for promotion and so on.This colleague is doing the homework in this respect at present, believed that the product success chance is very big if the plan is well planned.

From the current global trade competition, can be observed that due to the influence of the human cost and tax and so on various aspects, many industries, such as electronics, clothes, shoes, etc., there are many moved abroad, more than a decade ago, in the United States and Europe to see the clothes, shoes, electronic products, the price is more expensive is the European and American products, lower prices of basic are made in China, but in recent years southeast Asia, South Asia, eastern Europe, Egypt and other products, the decline in China's share of the products, because these industries automation standardization degree is higher and higher, to the quality requirement of workers in reducing, move up to have the production conditions in China.But the metal appliances seen in Europe and the United States more than a decade ago, such as household cooking utensils and building profiles, are still dominated by Chinese production.The production and manufacturing of metal products requires higher environmental requirements than other industries, such as raw materials, workers' quality and supporting manufacturing capacity. Therefore, the metal products industry needs to develop in China's environment, which is not easy to change, let alone the emerging titanium alloy products industry.

Titanium alloy products can enter the field is also very many, need to constantly explore innovation.I hope to see more and more colleagues in different industries to innovate more and more titanium civilian products in the future, and become the leader of titanium civilian products. I am confident that the future production and manufacturing base and even the brand center of titanium alloy civilian products will be in China.

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