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company news about Emulsion technology of titanium foil

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Emulsion technology of titanium foil
Latest company news about Emulsion technology of titanium foil

The rolling process of titanium foil is in principle the same as the rolling process of sheet metal. See "lubrication and cooling of titanium foil".The production process of titanium strip and foil includes the following basic processes: hot rolling of sheet metal and winding of sheet metal -- warm rolling and cold rolling of intermediate strip blank -- cold rolling of strip and foil with multi-roll rolling mill;Refine the process.

In the former Soviet union, sheets of industrial pure titanium and titanium alloys with thickness of 0.05~0.08mm and strip blanks with thickness of 0.1 ~ 1.5mm and width of 200 ~ 600mm can be rolled according to the process listed in table 2-25.

When the strip billet is rolled to a thickness of 1.6mm, the low-alloyed titanium alloy can be cold rolled, while the high-alloyed titanium alloy can be rolled at a temperature of 720 ~ 800T over two rolling ranges, and the total relative deformation can be as high as 50% and 40% respectively.Between the two rolling stages, the strip blank needs pickling and annealing when cold rolling, and pickling only when warm rolling.

Titanium foil is generally used in the vacuum annealed state of 0.5~0.8mm strip blank, through a cold rolling process of 7 ~ 8 cold rolling process with a total pressure reduction of 20% ~ 50%, rolling to the final thickness of 0.05-0.08mm.

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